CCAA Members - 

As we seem to be more aware of the uncertainty of our days ahead, we at the CCAA are still available to serve our membership. Like all, we are monitoring conditions and will be making decisions on our event schedule as more information is naturally gathered with the passage of time. 

For now, our board will continue to meet via teleconference to work through association activities and strategize to continue to aid and serve our membership. 

Staff will continue to work and operate as usual to meet your needs without significant interruption in our daily business schedule. 

There are many challenges that lay ahead for each one us in addition to our regular responsibilities and duties as our golf courses begin to break winter dormancy; please do not hesitate to reach out if we can provide assistance in any way.

As of now, we’ll still plan to meet in late May, although time will tell if we’ll be able to. It is our hope that through planning and implementation we may stay healthy and return to normalcy soon.

The CCAA Board of Directors and Luke Cella

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