Competitor Selection List
Culinary Exchange - March 13, 2023

Olympia Fields Country Club

Peter Rodriguez Hinsdale Golf Club Savory Duck
Jose Cortez Hinsdale Golf Club Chocolate Mousse Cake 
John Blanke Lake Shore Country Club Scallop
Christopher Lutz Lake Shore Country Club Chicken Hearts
Katherine Rohr Valley Lo Tropical Flavors
Daniel Arellano LaGrange Country Club Tri-Tip Wagyu
Tim Quinn Ruth Lake Country Club Shrimp & Andouille
Tina Tomasello Women's Athletic Club of Chicago Olive Oil Cake
Brandon Kramer Duck
Gina Vargocko Butterfield Country Club Strawberries
Edith Ron The Birchwood Club Snapper
Tyler Nelson Shoreacres Tuna
Jonathan Thompson Shoreacres Chicken Wings
Lauro Garcia Riverside Golf Club Wagyu Beef Pastrami
Amber Cancino Bryn Mawr Country Club Passionfruit
Jeanne Sosnowski Olympia Fields CC Ricotta Cheese
Jarrett Wollnik Olympia Fields CC Halibut
William Gunther Kemper Lakes Golf Club Salmon
Patrick Fontanetta Barrington Hills Country Club Lamb Shank

Kristen Sadorra
Eligio Joya
Enoc Gonzalez

Kemper Lakes Golf Club
Sunset Ridge CC
Sunset Ridge CC

Sea Bass Pavlova
Squash Blossom Tetela
Toasted Grain Panna Cotta

 Junior Cambron  White Eagle Country Club Swordfish
David Baudek  Oak Park Country Club Asparagus

Updated: 3/8/2023

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