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Culinary Exchange 2019 - Competitor Selections

First Name Last Name Affiliation First Item Selection First Selection Type
Ashley Garza Rockford country club Barbacoa Protein
Olivia Marszalek Westmoreland Country Club Horchata Ice Cream Pastry
Jose Cortez Hindale  golf club Short ribs Protein
Daniel Rios Valley Lo Lamb Protein 
David Traynere La Grange Coutnry Club Pork Shoulder Protein
Nicholas Lindsey Ruth Lake Country Club Duck Leg and Thigh Protein
Timothy Donahue Barrington Hills Country Club Uni Protein
Paul Zohfeld Butterfield Country Club Rabbit Protein
Joseph Biskie Onwentsia Club Salmon Protein
Ashley Vander Ploeg Butterfield Country Club Corn Pastry
Rufino Carbajal Ignacio Mata Ridgemoor Country Club Braised Wagyu Cheeks Protein
Luis Hernandez Indian Hill Club White Fish Protein
Jennifer  Martinez Exmoor Country Club Ricotta Pastry
Jesus Ramos Birchwood Club Pork Butt Protein
Yahalmer Olvera Associate Dark Chocolate Pastry

updated: 2/28/19

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